Rebel Without a Cause

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Original artwork:  $3,900
Size: 160 x 130cm
Acrylic on Canvas framed with Black Tasmanian Oak
Ready to Hang


“Rebel Without a Cause” a gorgeous new release original artwork available from Tania Blanchard. Part of the hugely successful solo exhibition “Silence in Colour” recently held at TBC Gallery.
All paintings in this series where painted before they were named. The first from the series was named “The Theory of Everything” (Now owned by the very talented Amy Shark). Subsequently all became movie titles.
“Rebel Without a Cause” is just that kind of art work, it blends so well but without really looking like it should work together. It feels a bit reckless and beautiful all at the same time.
The signature style from Tania is as always, full of texture and colour.