I am an artist and graphic designer, with a degree in visual arts and a diploma in graphic design. For the last few years, besides being a mum and enjoying a great life here at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, I have been focussing on my art.

I love to paint extremely textured, boldly colourful scenes inspired by nature. I compose my scenes by layering largish dots (or to go a bit artsy on you, “impressionistic impasto dots”). I am drawn to texture and I add multiple layers to my canvases to add depth and dimension to each piece. Indeed, my paintings are so textured they do cast shadows! I passionately explore colours and composition. Sometimes my use of colours can be harmonious, but I love it when discordant colours come together that really make your eyes zing. So, you could say, I’m trying to create a dance between colour and texture.

Painting has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember so I feel extremely fortunate to be doing something I love and that audiences are appreciating my art. I both paint pieces for my stockists (principally Kira and Kira here at Burleigh) and accept commissions. My work has also been featured in the prestigious architectural magazine “Queensland Homes”. One of my works is also going to feature in the year’s season of The Block.

I now have the exquisite problem of trying to keep up with demand (in addition to keeping up with my 3 kids)! Creating original works makes my heart sing, but the limited-edition prints should allow greater access to my work. Art is very personal, but perhaps (and I hope) my work strikes a chord with you too.