If you’d like to commission a special original artwork, then please contact me via email and I will respond as soon as possible. I can paint to most sizes and provide you with a quote.

The wait time to receive a commission piece is typically around 6-8 weeks. You need to pay a 50% non-refundable deposit before I start a commissioned piece: to view my full Terms and Conditions please click here.

I have two standard sizes:
1600 x 1300mm (POA) and
2050 x 1450mm (POA).

All my art is finished off with a raw Tasmanian Oak frame (quoted prices upon application will include framing), but does not include delivery.

Just a little bit of blurb about my process when creating an artwork, as it is quite unique and may be different to what you think.

All my art is painted on the thickest and best quality canvas (15oz) and is hand-stretched by my professional framer. I then personally prime each canvas using top quality Resene primer, as I do not trust canvasses that have been machine primed.

I only use top quality paints and mix a thickener to each colour to create the perfect, raised, “blob”. Once dried my paintings have a matt finish.

The painting process is slow, with each painting taking about 4 weeks to create. I can only paint a few colours a day, as each “blob” is so thick it is an overnight dry. I want all my colours to remain pure so they need to dry before another colour goes on top or next to it. This process cannot be rushed, so lots of patience is required.

My original art is sold predominantly through Kira and Kira here in the Gold Coast; and at Outdoors in Parade in Adelaide. Often stocks are low due to the length of time each artwork takes to create (and also, fortunately for me, strong demand) so apologies in advance. Also, often my artworks sell before I can paint another for that store.

My paintings are a labour of love and everyday I am grateful for being able to do what I am truly passionate about.